The change of hypertension guidelines raises an old question, who is making money when the blood pressure standard was lowered? Dr. Makoto Kondo of Keio University gave some number from Japan that will give you a surprise answer.


After reading the story in one of Michelle Yao’s FB post, I thought, Michelle’s fight with pemphigus – a rare disease that almost took her life, and later on, her journey to become a successful Market America Unfranchise Owner is a very touching and inspiring. I believe many of my Unfranchise owner friends would benefit […]


Five Methods to Prevent Certain Cancers

July 19, 2012

I came across this video while I was scanning through the Health section of Foxnews website, searching for cancer-related ones. I have been collecting these information to support my relatives that are fighting cancers back home now. It is an 8:39 minutes video from Arthel Neville’s interview with Dr. Raymond Francis on July 10, 2012. […]

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Ping Shuai 10 Minutes a Day, Keep Your Doctor Away!

July 13, 2012

Video Courtesy Meimen Qigong Culture Center Last month, due to a schedule conflict, I was unable to attend the 2012 Tour around the U.S.A. by Meimen Art Troupe in Atlanta. However, I have watched some of the performances on Youtube including the one shown on the left, and I still keep in touch with Meimen […]

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Where is Dr. Izzy Rosenfeld?

June 24, 2012

I used to post some of Dr. Rosenfeld’s videos from Foxnews’ Sunday Housecall or referred to the info on his video on some of my postings here. Early this year, I got so many questions asking me, “where is Dr. Rosenfeld?” Since I was not watching when the announcement was made, I really don’t know […]

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New Statistical Data from Dr. Shu’s Neurosurgery and Naturopathic Clinic

June 17, 2012

Since Dr. Shu’s Neurosurgery and Naturopathic Clinic was established seven years ago, almost 8000 cancer patients have come to seek treatment, and out of this number, more than 1800 people didn’t make it. The surprising statistics for the first 20 types of cancer and their mortality rates are shown below: Breast cancer had the largest […]

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