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Vote For Captain Budi Soehardi — CNN Hero.

Back in April 2006, I started a blog where the first post started with the following entry:

After few long distance discussions and email exchanges, finally Captain Budi and I decided to add this blog as a mean to update the information on Roslin Orphanage in Matani, a small town near Penfui El Tari Airport in my old hometown, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.

I became interested in Roslin Orphanage when a member of Bolelebo mailing list, Mrs. Nanik Trickey from Washington State mentioned about Captain Budi’s involvement in Mobile Library for the students from the villages around Kupang. We have been talking about the possibility of collecting the books from the United States then sent them to Kupang with the list members….(please click [more] to continue)



I went back to visit this blog last night, since in the past few weeks, I have received many emails and seen many entries in the Facebook walls concerning the selection of Captain Budi Soehardi into the top 10 list of CNN Heroes. So far I have only exchanged a few emails and FB wall posts with Captain Budi until this morning where I just have posted an Indonesian version in my other blog then started to work on this post.


Funny, even though we have never met, thanks to the Internet and modern communications, I have worked with and talked to Captain Budi countless time. I’m glad with the achievements that Captain Budi and Roslin Orphanage have made so far.

In the past two years, due to my tight schedule and some other personal constraints, I have left Captain Budi to handle the Blog after we switched it from the obsolete Greymatter blogging software that we used in the old blog that was parked in my ISP to a WordPress version in the new server. A friend of Captain Budi has provided the server to park his blog there and it has Roslin Orphanage as the domain name. So far every thing seems to work fine. From time to time, I still get some information from my mailing list members, when they visit our hometown and stop by the orphanage. They always gave me their first hand information besides what we read from the blog. Some of them were so moved by what they saw there. For example, the late Ms. Poppy Pelapelapon, a dear high school classmate of mine was sobbing over the phone when she told me her impression after the visit. We believe Captain Budi and his family have done great jobs to the orphanage and the poor families in the surrounding area.


In lieu of that, I’m writing this post to invite my readers to visit and vote for Captain Budi from the link in the CNN widget and wish Captain Budi and Mrs. Peggy all the best in their humanitarian work. My thanks also go to those who have helped Captain Budi and Roslin Orphanage to date. May the kids have a better future with all your help.


You may google to find more info on Roslin Orphanage.

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  • Kelvin Seow October 9, 2009, 2:46 am

    Yes, a champagne for him.


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