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The Online Tutorials
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The Online Tutorials

These are Visual Satellite Tracking, Basic Space Science and Astrophotography Tutorial Links. The first one contains Jeff Hunt’s Introduction to Visual Satellite Tracking. Jeff has been so generous to let me maintain this article and I have created both the PDF as well as the HTML versions that you can select to downlink. The second link provides Paul Maley’s insight on Why Observe Satellite, etc. Please check each of these links and you will be amazed with all the information and links that you can get from these starter links. Enjoy!

bullet Jeff Hunt’s Introduction to Visual Satellite Observing      

PDF file (144KB),

HTML (84.5KB)   

bullet Why observe Satellite? and Paul Maley’s Satellite Pages  

bullet  The Satellite Site

bullet JPL’s Basics of Space Flight Learners’ Workbook 

bullet  Mathematics behind the Keplerian elements

bullet  Photographing Satellite  

bullet  Astrophotography