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Thank God, I Survived! — Dr. Shu’s Guide to Surviving Cancer

If you remember, back when I wrote about ATP Cell Foods that I translated from Dr. Shu’s website, I have posted the cover page of Dr. Shu’s first book (in Chinese) “感謝老天, 我得了癌症!” or “Thank God, I Had Cancer!” shown in the left.

Few weeks ago, I got an email where Dr. Shu informed me that his second book (in Chinese) “感謝老天, 我活下來了!” or “Thank God, I survived!)” would be published early this month with cover page shown in the right.

Please, don’t ask me, why the book has Dr. Hsu’s Guide to Surviving Cancer as its English subtitle, while I use Dr. Shu’s , i.e., SHU and NOT HSU instead in the title of my posting? I have chosen the spelling the way it appears in Dr. Shu’s passport as I was told when I translated his letter to cancer patients last year. However, I assure you, even though the spellings are not the same, we are looking at the same neurosurgeon, Dr. David Shu. Hey, if you still need to verify, please do. Here is Dr. Shu’s website, 😆 and you will find his 24/7 phone number there.

Here are what the bullet points beside Dr. Shu’s picture in the front cover said:

  • Cancer may not be a terminal illness, but in order to be alive, it will depend pretty much on yourself!
  • Not every cancer needs surgery or chemotherapy,
  • Cancerous cells can’t be killed. The healthy way is learn on how to coexist with the cancerous cells.

Below the bullet points are the following words:

He is a doctor and was a cancer patient! Six years ago, he was diagnosed to have (a Dukes-C or a 3rd-stage colorectal) cancer, but he refused to have a surgery and chemotherapy. Other doctors predicted that he would not live longer than 3 years. However, he combined Chinese and Western medicine knowledges, created his own natural cancer treatment cocktails, and counseled thousands of other cancer patients. He has now crossovered the ‘five year cancer survival’ threshold! He is the finest example of a cancer fighter and a cancer survivor.

Thanks to Dr. Shu, I have the priviledge to get a prepublish copy of the book and this is what I found.

As in the first book, there are six Guests’ Prefaces, followed by Dr. Shu’s Cancer History page, then Dr. Shu’s own Preface. It’s interesting to read Dr. Shu’s own preface with a title: “After The Publication of My First Book, Thank God, I Got Cancer!

It consists of a 7 paragraphs as follows:

  • Preface
  • The Responses from Chinese Across the Globe
  • Negative Reactions
  • More Clinical Experiences
  • The Focus of This Book
  • Hoping For The Coming of The Holistic Medicines

Then the book is divided into three parts with the following titles:

  • The First Part, The Right Concept of Cancer (6 Sections)
  • The Second Part, The Cocktails for Natural Cancer Treatment, (12 Sections) and
  • The Third Part, The Fate of Cancer Patients (9 Sections)

The book was then ended with an Epilogue and the Appendixes.

I wish I had more time to translate the whole book, unfortunately I would have to give up every weekend I have from now on should I try to do that. That’s why if you’re a publisher that would be interested to make this book available to English speaking readers, you may contact Dr. Shu directly via his website. As I have mentioned in my previous comment, of course Dr. Shu speaks English as he was a Clinical Fellow at Henry Ford Hospital and Pittsburgh University Hospital back in 1986-87. 😆

But just to give you the idea what are you going to find in this book, I would translate the first section of the First Part of the book to share with you all in my next post. (drt)

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  • damyan godho May 11, 2009, 11:56 pm

    Om Kribo…di timor orang menyebutnya “kunuk”.Tumbuh subur dimusim hujan. Dalam banyak kasus cancer dan diabetes, “kunuk” berhasil menyembuhkan. Dilalap..3 or 4 lembar dgn sedikit garam sehari….Para peneliti mungkin perlu meneliti kasiat “kunuk”.

  • Vivian Chow March 12, 2010, 6:38 pm

    Dear All,

    Dr. Shu arrived Malaysia to share “Dr. Shu’s Guide to Surviving Cancer”

    Time : 13th March 2010 (Saturday), 07:00PM–10:00PM
    Event : The Northam Hotel Penang


    Time:14th March 2010 (Sunday), 07:00PM–10:00PM

    Kindly contact me, Vivian Chow (012-5408818) for more information. THANKS

  • Vivian Chow March 12, 2010, 6:53 pm

    You can also contact, Leslie Wu at (6012-4149794), Thanks

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