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Self-Confidence, Faith, Courage and Perseverance

–The First Chapter of the First Part of Thank God, I Survived!

Why I’m The Most Qualified To Speak.

With three decades of clinical experience in my pocket, I know very well the real functions of the hospital and the effects of treatments. In addition, I was also a cancer patient who had to go through what all cancer patients have to experience along with all the dreadful fears. Lets imagine, you go to the hospital to see a doctor, what are you going to get? Do you think your Physicians have the time to comfort you? Will your Doctors give you a full explanation of your condition? After seeing your doctor it is more painful, more nervous, and more scary! Doctors do not understand your pain, your doctor will only increase the pain and increase your fear. You may then ask: if I do not listen to doctors, then where am I going to go? It is a mess out there. What is good, what is bad? How do I choose? I have walked this path for six years, it is very clear to me. My cell phone has always been on, and I have talked with thousands of cancer patients, with thousands of them coming to seek treatment. There are successes as well as failures. There are reasons for the failure, as well as the reasons for success and now I am very clear about them all.

Who Cares About Western or Chinese Medicines. As long as He Survives, It’s Good!

Dr. David TF ShuA billionaire was diagnosed to have lung cancer and went to Mainland China to seek medical treatment. A reporter then came to see me and asked: “He wasn’t cured in Taiwan, do you think the Mainland would offer a better chance for him?” I told the reporter: “Who cares if it’s Western medicine or Chinese medicine. As long as he survives it’s good !” Of course the reporter didn’t miss a word of mine. The next day this was on the headline of the newspaper: Dr. Hsu said: “Who cares if it’s western medicine or Chinese medicine. As long as he survives, it is good!” That made me not only have offended the Chinese and Western Medicine but, I also offended all Chinese medicine practitioners.

However, this is a fact! To survive you must survive on your own! It does not depend on doctors in order for you to survive!

When you make your own decisions, it is then a true decision!

After I went through some heavy contemplation, I decided not to go for a surgery. Six years ago that decision was considered to be extreme and a very high risk. All of the doctors warned me: “Without surgery you will only have three more years to live.” But my decision was final!

This decision came from the nature of my personality and habits. The nature of joy, anger, sorrow, the seven passions and six desires. Personality is the way of human expressions. Conservative, adventurous, optimistic, pessimistic, introvert, and extrovert. Habits were developed from habitual customs, either it was down-to-earth or beating about the bush. Each carries a sense of responsibility, evasion and cover up. I am naturally optimistic, positive and forward looking. I always have the courage to face learning, and to make my own decision since I was a kid, and after that I would proceed, and never regret it. My decision is not necessarily suitable for others, because of different personalities and habits of different individuals. That’s why when the cancer patients ask me: “Do I need to refrain from chemotherapy?” “Should I have a surgery?” I will never answer with a “yes or no” or a “To or not to.” In the face of cancer is the, “life choices” not checking the box for a right or wrong answer. When I talked to every cancer patient, I’d say: “If it was me, I would refuse, but I am not you, I do not make any decisions for you. When you make your own decisions, it is then a true decision!”

Trust Yourself, Not Me!

During the office visit, some patients pay great attention to my sometime three hours long explanation of cancer. Some of them even took notes or recorded my explanation. After hours of listening to individual consultations, the patient may say something like: “Dr. Shu, you are the greatest! The day I was declared to have cancer by the physician, it shocked me death but, after reading your book it was like me finding my savior and bringing me back to life! Today after listening to such a wonderful and moving explanation, my heart is now full of hope, you have made me very confident, I will do everything that you have recommended!” Being able to receive the full trust and support of patients is a great joy. Should I want to make a lot of money, tens of millions of dollars for instance, is very easy but, I turned to them and say: “Thank you for your support, but please believe me you must believe in yourself because your life is in your own hands. Starting from this second on you should have a fresh start, strive to believe in yourself, strive to let me believe and also strive to let others to believe you! ”

Inner dialogue, only effective to people with intention!

Expose to Mortal Danger Then Rising Again

After cancer is diagnosed and treated the patient has to endure and drag through a long and painful suffering. If we can survive, it is worth it. But the majority of the outcome is a painful flop. Death as a result of cancer doesn’t come from cancer itself, but due to physical and psychological trauma after someone is diagnosed and treated. The most difficult part of counseling a patient with cancer is making their “mind change” to get out out of the “cancer haze” as fast as possible. For me, “I wrote my will, and considered myself already dead, then bam, I was back alive.” It worked like a potent dose of medicine. In the face of death, there is no time for procrastination. There is a saying in Chinese, “put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha right on the spot” [放下屠刀,立地成佛] is just right for this, but more importantly, take death calmly “like going home” – a hero characteristic of death.

The worst case scenario, the greatest efforts

When they first came seeking medical treatment, many patients were full of tensions from fear. As I presented them with the details of a natural cocktail of cancer therapy, it seems to be a flash of hope that they could stay away from painful surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Some even thought that as long they spent money to purchase the anti-cancer products, practice the Ping Shuai Gong, then every thing would be settled and fine. Indeed if someone could proceed to do, “The natural cocktail of cancer therapy,” it would improve the absolute condition. However, cancer is a chronic disease, and weeks even months of change would not be enough to cure cancer immediately. A clear fact of life is that the cancer cells are hard to eradicate. As long as there is a problem with body’s immune system, it can recurre, which in-turn a recurrence to facing death. Therefore I have repeatedly warned the patient to regain their health, and in order to do that they must do a good job to have a perfect body, heart and soul. Persist in practice and perseverance are the basic requirements of life, but people will be lazy and they will tend to avoid their responsibility. In order to keep it for life, one must have great will power.

In the first book “Thank God, I had cancer”, I mentioned a very important attitude: “To prepare for the worst you must make the biggest effort!” Over a period of time in the treatment of cancer, there are many cancer patients that found themselves having their physical condition restored. Their loss of appetite has gone, so they thought that they were drifting away from the cancer. Some cancer patients that spent hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars then viewed that the cancer could be cured. These are the people that often in front of me with their fists clenched promissing me: “I have the perseverance, I will do all that you have told me to do!” However, I always worried with these type of patients, because they often “make the best of intentions, but take the easiest, (spend money), paths.” Only those who repent and posses the heart of Thanksgiving are the one who really could get away from cancer!

The worst case scenario is death. But if you have prepared to die, place yourself in the death bed, then you will rise again. Knowing that you may die at any time, you will then treasure every second, and will make every effort to spend every single day doing good deeds. Every morning waking up is a Thanksgiving for living another day! With this attitude facing every day life, even with more severe cancer would not matter anymore.

If there is tomorrow, tomorrow will be better

“Over numerous mountains and streams, I had my doubts that I could find the road. Then out of the shade of the willows, came bright flowers and another village,” so goes the famous line of Lu You. [山窮水盡疑無路,柳暗花明又一村] To the efforts of people willing to adhere to, tomorrow will be even better!

“A Better Tomorrow” is my last word of each lecture. Simon Hsueh the famous singer had a famous song prior to his dead, “If I still have tomorrow.” As for me, I do not know how long can I stay alive, but I’m sure, “If there is tomorrow, tomorrow will be better!” Wang Yung-ching, the God Father of business through his 92 years of wonderful life built a business of hundreds of billions of dollars into a Kingdom of trillion dollars. “Last lecture” author Prof. Randy Pausch passed away at the age of 46, exactly half the life of Wang Yung-ching, but in an “efforts to achieve the childhood dream,” the last lecture had touched tens of millions of people! Most of his life sentences were so beautiful. Thus, it is not the length of life but the broadness! It is the meaning and not the wealth! (Translated from its Chinese original by drt).

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  • Mike May 14, 2009, 6:50 am

    The best hope with cancer is prevention and there is now a great deal of data showing that keeping your vitamin D levels up is a strong cancer prevention strategy. 18 months ago the Canadian Cancer Society recommended everyone take vitamin D to prevent cancer. Take a look at http://www.vitaminD3world.com for some good summaries of the data

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    Silahkan, mbak Yana. Maaf, saya lama sekali tak buka blog ini.

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