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Rina's Update – July 31st

I’ve been busy these past few days but I still keep in touch with Rina’s friends in Stillwater and got almost daily update of Rina’s condition.  For example, very late last night I got a message that Rina had been taken to the ER, and being asked to stay in the hospital so they could provide watchful eyes for her condition. While I was a bit worried about Rina’s condition, I’m glad that finally Rina is staying in the hospital. That was what I’ve been praying for days, since I thought Rina really needs round the clock hospital care. I sincerely believe she needs a hospital stay after watching my own son being hospitalized twice recently. As we can read from the latest update in the Transplant Update page on IOSA site, Rina has had some complications due to infection. That has been my biggest concern while following Rina’s story to date.

Many people have participated in all these efforts to help Rina and IOSA site provides the link to pictures of the fundraising events, such as the Fishing Tournament, Sri Lankan LunchIndian Student Associations Lunch, Bake Sale, Garage SaleEyes on Me Concert etc. Looking at the number of money collected by each of these efforts as reported in IOSA page, I also realized that the result of  Chip-in Widget (organized by Ms. Ika of IOSA) was not that bad either. I really appreciate the kindness and the compassion for Rina that have been revealed through all these efforts. 

The total contribution to date as reported in IOSA site is $73,009, or $27,000 shy from what the hospital has asked for BMT surgery. Let’s pray for Rina’s speedy recovery from her complications, so she could go for the BMT surgery.

Be strong and hang in there, Rina! You’re always in our prayers.

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