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Real-time Satellite Tracking
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Real-time Satellite Tracking

This page provides some of the easy to follow Satellite Tracking links. Indeed, as the name implied, the first link is the most extensive resource on the net. You could find almost what ever you want to know about visual satellite tracking info there. The second and third link offer what NASA provided to the general public interested in tracking the artificial satellite across the sky. The fourth link offers an example that once you know how to use it, you can create a link to Heavens-above and tracking what ever satellite you would like to see passing over your location. The last link gives you the option to search Heavens-above database, where you can plug in the country name then search the coordinate of your location where ever you are in most part of the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

bullet1.GIF The most extensive resource on the net

bullet1.GIF Human Space Flight Real-Time Data Links

bullet1.GIF When will the ISS pass over our Rocket City – Huntsville, Alabama?

bullet1.GIF Search the Heavens-above for the coordinate of your hometown

Dec.1, 2011: I have updated and removed the broken links.