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Operation Santa Claus and Be An Elf

I just saw a clip on TV on How To Be An ELF, then I went to check the site. I was very impressed with what this be an elf site has done to help the needy kids during Christmas Holiday Season. I think, if we can spread the words across the continental US, there will be more people know the info on how to be an elf, find out where is the location of the Operation Santa Claus in each of their cities, and hopefully, we may let more kids to have a happy Christmas morning.

Before you take a look at the video below, please check out this How To Helppage on Be An Elf site. Below is a short quote from that page:

Operation Santa has been in place since 1912, and we’re hoping to support it by increasing public awareness of it. Some cities have an Operation Santa Claus chapter, while others don’t. The USPS allows every city to create its own policy.

The USPS is doing a great job. They send out excellent press releases to let people know about it, and each year, many postal employees quietly volunteer their free time and own funds to participate in Operation Santa Claus. Many members of the public, as well as companies large small, also participate each year. The good it does is immeasurable.

But many Americans have not heard of Operation Santa. An online search of the phrase ‘Operation Santa’ shows a mix of mostly local websites, some linking to retail products.

Searching online will not necessarily tell you which the post office in your city which offers the Operation Santa program.

The first step to participate is to learn which postal branch offers this great program in your area. Instead of going in person, we recommend that you call the manager of your own local post office. Ask them which branch in your city offers the Operation Santa Claus program. Not everyone under the manager level will know. Really use the phone and ask for the manager! See below for an easy, free way to get your branch’s phone number.

Let’s follow the direction given on the site and go to find the location of the post office in each of our city where we can become an elf to make the needy children happy. You may check the video to see what they have done:

Please don’t forget to spread the words and I’m sure there are many people out there that can be an elf to help the operation Santa in your city.

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