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Michelle Yao’s Screet – Think Big and Dream Big!
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Michelle Yao’s Secret – Think Big and Dream Big.

After reading the story in one of Michelle Yao’s FB post, I thought, Michelle’s fight with pemphigus – a rare disease that almost took her life, and later on, her journey to become a successful Market America Unfranchise Owner is a very touching and inspiring. I believe many of my Unfranchise owner friends would benefit by reading this story. That’s why I have taken the liberty to translate the story for our English speaking partners. Again, since I’m not a native speaker for both of these two languages, please don’t hesitate to correct me if you have any comment on my translation. Here is my understanding on what was written in English. (drt)


The surprise present on Thanksgiving's day morning.

The surprise present on Thanksgiving’s day morning.

Being able to attend the renown Fu Dan University in Shanghai, greatly admired by the Chinese, basically is proof that she is one of the top students in China. After graduating from the English Department of Fu Dan University, in 1987 Yao Yuan (Michelle Yao) got a good position in a foreign investment company in China. After 16 years of working a nine-to-five job and working hard, she got promoted 4 times, from an English Translator position to Office Manager, to Project Manager, and up to Vice President. In 1997, she was selected to come to the US to establish the American branch. Along with her many promotions, her income also steadily increased, to the point that she could be considered as one of the outstanding group of people from China’s open door policy. She was a part of a new generation of “Internationalists,” what we used to call the “Tao Jin Zu” (淘金族 or “Gold Rush Group”) or “Yang Cha Dui” (洋插队 or people who jump the queue abroad) which refers to those who study, live, and work abroad. She came to the US at 37 and continued to sprint for her dreams. She had never expected to almost lose her life on the other side of the Pacific. The joy and sorrow of returning from the dead and the frustrations in life that she had carried all along made her very talkative. Without need for a journalists’ questions, she easily spent 3 hours straight letting off some steam by telling stories that could be the makings of a movie script.

Michelle’s Secret- Think Big and Dream Big

We finally met Michelle Yao (Yao Yuan) in Newark, CA, just east of the Silicon Valley. She is now an Unfranchise owner, where people can shop on her shop.com sitel, which has combined 3500 Franchises together, from the low end to the high end, such as Walmart, Target, HomeDepot, Nike, Channel, etc.

This is a one stop shopping, where she helps her customers save money and she can make money herself. With a daily income of $1000, she has an annual income between $300,000 to $400,000. She also states, that wasn’t that much. There are plenty of millionaires in the company who are making more money than her annually. She told us the candid and accurate information about her company. In the past 16 years, Market America has created more than 300 millionaires.

We were curious on how she started her business. After pausing for a while to compose her mind, she said: ” When we grew up, our parents advised us to be diligent in our studies, go to good school, get a good diploma, find a steady job and marry a good guy!”

Based on the name recognition of Fu Dan University, Michelle has never worried about finding a good job. But she has never thought that one day she would lose the capability of doing anything. Yet, the unexpected days came. The intention was still the same, but there was no energy for her to keep carrying on the work.

That was at the end of year 2000. One day, Michelle woke up and found that she had a problem with her throat. She had lost her voice, lost the taste buds from her tongue, and had blistering with discharges all over her skin. After repeated diagnoses, the doctor solemnly told her that she got a one-in-a-million older aged people disease called pemphigus. Her own immune cells were attacking the healthy skin cells, which made her a plastic bubble person without any immune system in her body.
The 37 years old Michelle apparently contracted a 73 years old person’s disease. How would you ask her to accept this devastating reality? The experts at Kaiser Hospital told her that since it is a one in a million statistic, there wasn’t much research and effective cures. The severe side effects of 120 mg of steroids (osteoporosis, swollen face and strong back and bones like a male athlete) also caused a great deal of pains in all her joints. She became weaker day by day and people could hardly recognize her. The doctor even said that in her 28 years of medical career, she only had encountered 5 cases. Three patients had passed away. One was dependent on Qigong and no one knew what was going to happen to him. It seemed life or death depends on the destiny. Michelle said, “Death is not something to be afraid of. However, I have a lot of things that have not been accomplished yet. I could not go now. My daughter had not come to study in the U.S. That longing was the biggest motivation for my coming to the U.S. Once I thought about this, I then solemnly reminded myself that I could not leave this beautiful world yet!’

The brave Michelle fought hard with the disease but she had afraid that she would not be able to pass the 3 months marker, because she had come to a stage that whatever liquid she took in just came out right away. At that time, a friend visited her then gave her a bottle of OPC-3. After she drank it, amazingly, she didn’t throw up. She then insisted to keep drinking despite all the negatives comments. By the end of day 3, she has consumed the content of the whole bottle which contained a 3-month supply. By the time she finished the third bottle, her taste came back. She could feel the taste that the OPC-3 was sour, and she found that her spirit was lifted. Afterward, she also took the Isotonix Calcium. Two caps every morning and evening, respectively. One month later, her blood work showed that the antibody titers had come down from 600 to only 80 point. (Healthy people have titers value of 0.) She almost jumped after seeing that good result.** Miracle! She then thought, if the product was as good as this, it could definitely help a lot of people, why would she not want to join the business, too? That’s how she become an entrepreneur and started this Unfranchise business.

Michelle and Joyce being interviewed on Celestial Women Program.

Michelle and Joyce being interviewed on Celestial Women Program.

At that time, her husband that she had not seen for 5 years and her daughter finally came to join her and became a permanent resident in the US. She had never thought that her husband would abandon the 16 years old daughter and her to stay and struggle to live in the US. Her husband’s reason of leaving was simple- he couldn’t adapt to American way of life despite the fact that he merely made any efforts. Fortunately, her daughter was doing great, studying hard at school and she didn’t let everybody down, and got admitted into the University of Berkeley. That was really great news. In many occasions, Michelle told her daughter, “Whatever you learn is not as important as how to apply it. What you choose to do is not important, as long as you do it for yourself and not for others. God gave us talents that have to be used by ourselves, not by others.” She not only used the nutritional products of Market America to help her fighting off the disease, but also used the momentum to her own career, turning the opportunities into time and money and successfully recruited many doctors and licensed health professionals who helped her jumped up to a new level. She becomes one of the four of Market America’s Nutrametrix Field Consultants, the first Chinese to hold that position.

In a very short few years, she used her believe, love, determination and patient to cultivate an army of Unfranchise owners at different levels and created a very solid network of Unfranchise owners. She then proudly said, “Networking is the future, and the future is in front of you. Would you say, it wasn’t my time? There are three kinds of people in the world. The first one has the knowledge to create the future. The second are the smart people, who join the future. The third are the idiots; they would be crushed by the future.” Michelle Yao is such a smart and lucky person.

The Dreams Come True. Living Happily Ever After.

East Cost Vacation with her Mom and Dad and Joyce.

East Cost Vacation with her Mom and Dad and Joyce.

When we asked the secrets of her success, Michelle Yao said confidently the word “think!” People have to think clearly, “What do they want”, then write down what they think they want. The more the better. After that think again, “What shall I do in order to achieve what I thought I want.” By doing this then you can achieve what is said in Chinese “Xin Xiang Shi Cheng” (心想事成) or you achieve what you have thought. Michelle said what she wanted was, working hard for a while then relax the rest of her life afterward. what could help her achieve this goal? Prior to this, she had tried to become an insurance broker, realtor and finally Market America Unfranchise Owner. She then proudly said “What is Mei An (美安)? – The Acronym of Market America in Chinese-” From the words you could imagine the phrase, Mei Meng Cheng zhen (美梦成真), An Ju Le Ye(安居乐业), which literally means “The Dreams Come True, Living Happily Ever After.” What she likes the most is, a business with multiple benefits, with a chance to settle for the rest of one’s life.”Now, the 47 years old Michelle has been comfortably retired. She said, “Earning $1000 a day is the rich among the poor. But the point is, you don’t need to spend time to earn this money. That is comparable to having a deposit of $6,000,000 in the bank with 4% of interest rate to earn $1000* a day . In addition I am a respected rich person, who has benefited myself as well as benefited others. Why shouldn’t I do that?” When I saw a bunch of people in my team starting to buy new houses and buy new cars, the self-satisfaction feeling I had was more than when I saw my daughter received her diploma on stage. That’s why I also have followed them and bought a stylish new home of 7000 sq ft. Inside the complex they have golf course, tennis court, swimming pool and parks. At this time, she is writing the series of books, “Poor Mom Becomes Rich Mom”. In these set of books, she is going to analyze what does poor moms do, what does rich moms do, then she would tell people how to switch from poor to rich. As long as you want change, you are going to get a 100% of success rate. She will also tell the parents in the world how to expect you son to turn into a dragon, and your daughter to turn into a phoenix and become successful in their careers, which is to say, think and become success. This was one of the reasons to interview her. After the interview, we had a chance to take a picture together with this successful woman as a memento, which is also a great testimonial.

Interviewed by Tang He, Li Hong and Gao Han.
Translated from Chinese by drt.

* 5-day work week, 20-day a month


* The income levels mentioned in the posting are for illustration purposes only based on Michelle Yao’s experience. It’s not intended to represent the income of typical Market America Unfranchise Owner nor are they intended to represent that any given Distributor will earn income in that amount. The Success of any Market America/Shop.com Independent Distributor will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent, and dedication which he or she devotes to building his or her Market America/Shop.com Business.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned in the text is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I’m a Market America’s Shop Consultant and is an independent distributor of this product.

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