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Just launched 28 Oktober dot NET

Yes, that is Oktober with a ‘k’ not a ‘c’.

No, it wasn’t in German like in Oktoberfest. It’s in Indonesian. It’s my first language and it’s easier for me to write in Indonesian, at least with less typos as compared to all my writing in “Engrish”.

Nothing special about this blog. It’s another place to write all the random thoughts in my daily life, then share with Indonesian speaking people. For example, I can tell them something as simple as how to subscribe to my blog, and other practical matters. May be sometime I could share with them other stories, such as what I do for my living, how I ended up here in the US and many other interesting stories. Who knows something good may come out of this. For example, with my presence as a conduit, who knows the voice of the Indonesian speaking community would become more audible – at least in the community I frequent with. 😆

The only problem is, maintaining two blogs is time consuming, so I would not spend that much time on each. But in the near future, at least I can share with them in Indonesian, for example the story of baby Gratia, who is going to be admitted in the National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita in Jakarta tomorrow. I can also share with them the latest interesting story from the blogsphere, such as the process and the result of John Chow vs Jeremy Shoemaker contest. These two Internet Enterpreneurs could become inspiration for many young Indonesians, who are not fluent in English yet.

That’s it for now. If you read Indonesian, please visit my new blog.

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