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June 23 Update on Rina Fitria

Just in case if you haven’t visited IOSA site today, I’d like to tell you that the amount they have received from Rina’s Fundraising Campaign so far is $18,060. Comparing to what I’ve ever done to date, that’s a lot of money. I’m glad to see the outpouring of supports from everywhere. However, it’s 18 more days to go (actually it’s almost 17 as of this writing), and the collected fund is merely 10% of the amount needed for the surgery. That means more works to be done to find the donors. Fortunately, as being reported last Saturday by the Stillwater NewsPress of Stillwater, Oklahoma, many students and people from local community are coming together to help one of their own. According to the paper:

Rina moved to the United States from Indonesia with her parents when she was a child. She entered fourth grade in Stillwater and continued school here until graduating from Stillwater High School. She was listed as a dependent on her parents’ visas until she entered Oklahoma State University herself, she said, and got her own student visa.

And therein lies the problem: as an international student, Fitria doesn’t qualify for any federal aid for the transplant.

The paper also cited the ongoing efforts to raise money for Rina listed in the IOSA site, i.e., the Cancer Schmancer Comedy Jam and “Eyes on Me: A Benefit Concert for Rina Fitria.” The same information are also listed in ISA message board or in DUNIA Gareng blog, and part of these efforts are also mentioned in the Facebook Wall.

Tonight, looking at the total amount that has been collected, I could only whisper to you, let’s just keep Rina in our prayers. 

If you or someone you know knew any charity organizations that could help, please let them verify the story of Rina with the International Students and Scholars office of Oklahoma State University and hopefully they could help Rina. Ms. Regina Henry of ISS Office’s name was listed as contact person at IOSA site. Personally, I have talked to Ms. Regina Henry over the phone twice, i.e., before and after I started to write about Rina. Until Rina’s surgery date, I think I will keep banging the drum for her cause.

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