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July 5th Update on Rina

I was checking my emails, hoping to see how much did they collect for Rina yesterday. I called them last evening when I arrived home from Birmingham, but they were busy selling bottle water etc. at July 4th celebration there as part of the fundraising efforts. I only had a very short talk with Rina’s Mom and Mrs. Titien.

It turned out that in the email, I was told that Rina was in pain due to her chemo. Mrs Titien received a call from Rina’s Mom around 7AM and she was on her way to see them after preparing the breakfast for her family and shooting out her email for me. It seems like getting a high dosage chemo for 5 out of 7 days a week is a very heavy burden for Rina’s body.

Let’s hope and pray that Rina would be able to handle this for 6 more days until the BMT surgery. Indeed,  we also hope for a ‘Miracle’ to resolve the financial problem Rina’s family have with the hospital in order to proceed with the surgery.

Lord have mercy!

Note: I was thinking about the difference between outpatient and inpatient treatments after posting this, and was saddened by the fact that for an inpatient, when anything happens you could call the nurse and they may come to give you a shot to alleviate the pain, etc,….but for the outpatient, you then have to either wait in pain at home or going to the ER. Then I went to Rina’s blog, and found that actually she has already updated with her latest battle with NHL. Please check it out. You’re a fighter, Rina!

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