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July 1st Update On Rina Fitria

These are the latest update about Rina’s conditions:

  1. The total amount of donation as posted on IOSA site is $31,890. That includes the results from Comedy Jam, the Garage Sale that Rina has reported this weekend, and of course the latest contribution from Chip-In widget.
  2. The update to the IOSA site was a bit late since Rina is the only one that has access to her online bank account, but she was so tired after the chemotherapy on Monday.
  3. Rina is getting an outpatient chemotherapy. Instead of the usual 4 x 24 hours treatment, doctor has increased the dosage as well as the total hour into 5 x 24 hours due to the aggressiveness of the cancer.
  4. Outpatient means Rina has to go back every 24 hours to get her new pack of chemicals and she doesn’t have all the sterile environment as if she is an inpatient. The lack of insurance has prevented Rina for such a luxury.

It took me a while to update due to various privacy considerations. After a series of phone calls and email exchanges with Dr. Haerani Ismandar (Mrs. Titien), one of the Indonesian elders in Stillwater, OK area, we finally get a verbal agreement from Rina to share her story with friends that are doing fundraising.

According to Mrs. Titien, Rina was really down when doctor told her that the cancer was back just a week after the previous treatment. Rina has finally took some time to update her blog tonight and you can read her own account there. I agree with one of the comments in Rina’s blog that she is really an awesome and excellent writer.

It’s nine more days from the BMT operations. The hospital was asking for at least half of the $180,000 needed. Could we reach that number?  Sadly, I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you.

The other day I posted Rina’s story in Oprah’s Message Board but the story was removed few hours later. I went back and put a message, Please Pray For Rina Fitria and it was ok. You still can see the message there. I was thinking if we have enough visitors that also post a comment there, may be it would keep the message to be on top on the list. Who knows it may catch Oprah’s Assistant’s attention, and if O could pick up the story, Rina may probably get the help she needs for her BMT operation.

I’ve run out of ideas and that was what I could think of. If you have any better suggestion, please post it here. Thanks.

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  • Henny Pelapelapon July 2, 2008, 5:27 am

    Dari tempat yang jauh..dari lubuk hati yang paling dalam… saya berdoa kepada Tuhan…., kiranya DIA sajalah yang adalah satu-satunya sumber Pengharapan kita, akan memberikan yang terbaik untuk Rina Fitri yang sedang menjalani masa-masa sulit ini.

    Henny Pelapelapon

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