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How soon, how much and how to get it?
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How soon, how much and how to get it?

How soon do we need the money is dictated by the request by Harapan Kita Hospital that is going to take in baby Gratia for the surgery. Right now it seems like we only have less than 10 days. However, how soon could we get the money is another question that we have to find the answer. So does the question, how much do we need and how to get it?

I remember the reason I was interested in blogging was due to the ability to earn money from advertisement such as being done successfully by John Chow et al. Actually, it was this Shoemoney photo that John Chow displayed in one of


page pages that have pulled me into this blogging stuff. The reason was simple. I was a bit disappointed that I could only collect some $360 for Lukas Mbira’s operation at that time. I knew then that sooner or later this need would come to hunt me again and I would need to be prepared early. But since I have a full time job, I could not devote a lot of time to blogging, and after all these months, I could only earn a mere $16.85 in my Google Account. The question is now, can we do it here?

The answer is definitely a ‘Yes!’ if we could do it together.

We offer you the pages with google adsense and other advertisement here, and you can click on any of the ad to learn more about what they offer. I have limited only 3 postings being displayed at a time, which means you would be able to see only 3 different ads from Google adsense when you visit this site. However, we need your corporation here. You only need to click and see the ad once (and only once) IF YOU REALLY HAVE GENUINE INTEREST in the ad, so this site would not be penalized by Google. The rest is beyond my control since I can’t promote and ask people to simply click the ad to earn money.

Note added on Oct 13: At first, I thought this would ease the burden of every body by contributing via the click. However, after I went back to read the rules, I realize that I can’t promote and ask you to click. If you want to send money, that is fine, and if you find any interesting ad in these pages, you still can do it the by clicking on the ads in this blog. I just edited this page, to make sure we follow the rules. I just hope and pray, there is other way to help baby Gratia and his family!

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