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Got my Problogger — The Book today.

Got my copy of Problogger — The Book today.

It consists of 11 Chapters, 209 pages on 8.8 x 6 inches paper, excluding the Introduction and Index pages.

It’s hard to write a review when you only got the book for less than two hours, and only have time reading through the Introduction and the first chapter. However, I couldn’t wait to share my joy with you all here for simply having this book today. 🙂

The stories of how Darren raises from a humble beginning to a six figures income professional blogger have been widely documented in Problogger.net but it’s still useful for the readers who are new to bloggosphere to read the stories about Darren and Chris in the Introduction part. The stories alone weight in gold.

The first four chapters starts with the ideas of:

  • Blogging for Money, then
  • Niche Blogging,
  • Setting Up Your Blog, and
  • Blog Writting.

All about how to get your blog up and running and ready to earn some extra income or whatever your objective of having a blog is. Not only they provided the introduction and ideas on how to do it yourself, they also provided some real examples and links so you can set up and make this happen to your blog, whether it is a hosted or a self-hosted blog.

What I’d like to share with you here are two points that resonated with my experience as a blogger when I went through the first chapter.

  1. In page 8 of Darren and Chris’ book, we read the following:

    Although there are aspects to blogging that can be seen as allowing passive income,…., in actual fact you do need to keep working at it to make a steady or increasing income.

    This simply means, blogging is still an ‘Exchange Time for Money’ scheme that is widely discussed in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad series. Please don’t get me wrong. You work on your own time and have fun, and that is a big plus as compared to some other 9-5 jobs. But if you don’t write, sooner or later, your income will stop. I have tried other passive income schemes in preparation for my retirement down the road, and I know there are other ways to generate a real passive income. But we will talk about that next time.

  2. I haven’t added AdSense and other ad in my new A.T. Wellness Blog, since like Darren and Chris wrote in the “Business Blogs Advertising For Competitors” subsection, I found that it’s hard to block other company’s ads to display in my blog page that is promoting the products from my own webportal. For example, my doctor has agreed for me to replace the Flomax that I had taken for a long time with Maximum Prostate Care that we sold in my webportal, and the result is better in the sense that I don’t need to worry about the small print warning that comes with Flomax.* But if I put an Adsense ad in this page, I am sure you will see that Adsense will put a competitor’s ad instead of Maximum Prostate Care.

For those two reasons alone, I give this book two thumbs up. Darren and Chris are not the bloggers that promise you pie in the sky, but they offer you with down to earth and easy to implement advices to bring your blog into the next level.

However, I still think it is good for you if you also have the 31 Days To A Better Blog shown below, since it will give you some 31 tips that you can use to improve the content of your blog. You may also join the Problogger Community via Problogger’s blog and Problogger Forum, as well as visit Chris Garrett’s Copy Blogger site.

Last but not least, even before finishing this book and haven’t tapped into the free bonuses promised by Darren, I have already got two free-copy bonuses on Viral Marketing and Building Traffic With Free Article Marketing. No, these are not directly related to the book, but I got them because after reading the book I then visited Chris’ Copyblogger site and found these free gifts. Some of the content in these bonuses are quite old but most of the topics are still relevant and useful. You can get them by click on the link above. There are more bonuses awaiting you there.

In conclusion, this book provides you almost every basic knowledge you need to have a successful blog. But as Darren said, blogging, like everything else need hardwork and take time. It’s not something that you can achieve overnight. Please come to share with us your impression when you get your own copy of the book.


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