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Fighting my Blood Pressure with out pills

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure back in 1991.

Over the years, I don’t remember how many different types of pills that doctors has prescribed to keep my blood pressure down.

Recently, I complained to my doctor that  I couldn’t stand the shoulder and muscle pain. I have been taking the verapamil and HCTZ over a year. My doctor added the HCTZ to reduce the edema in my leg. Whenever I applied pressure using my thumb or index finger to my front leg, the indentation persisted for sometime after I released the pressure. That has been going on for years and my doctor had changed the pills few times just to alleviate from this effect but it didn’t work. Recently, when I could not stand the shoulder pain and muscle pain around my right shoulder, my doctor then asked me to stop taking the verapamil, which is a calcium channel blocker. However, the pain persisted.

Finally my annual physical result from the Medical Center at work came out. Doctor at the Medical Center was surprised seeing the good results in my cholesterol and triglycerid levels. But that wasn’t a big deal to me due to my continuous use of OPC-3 and other Isotonic supplements that I have reported before. He also questioned the 18 lbs difference in my last year data and my current weight and I told him about my association with Dr. Shari Lieberman Transitions Lifestyle System and he could understand. However, he was alarmed with the high uric acid level in the report. I mentioned about the HCTZ and he said that was the reason for the gout that has bothered my right shoulder. I also told him about the muscle pain and he asked me to talk to my doctor to stop taking the HCTZ.

After seeing the same lab report, my doctor agreed to stop the HCTZ and prescribed me with the 80 Micardis to be taken one pill a day. At the third day, when I got off my car after coming home from work, there was a sharp pain from my right back muscle. I could not recall why should I have that excruciating pain, and the only change I did was the new high BP medicine. It was Friday evening and my doctor’s office already closed. The next morning I called my doctor office and the answering service directed me to the on call doctor. He suggested me to go to see an emergency physician. Since on  the next morning I had to fly out of town for work, I had no choice and went to see a doctor at a small clinic two blocks away from my home.

The doctor told me that back pain was on the top of the list of the side effects of Micardis. He then prescribed Toporol, which is a beta blocker type and gave me two boxes of sample and asked me to see my doctor as soon as possible.

Since my total cholesterol is only 105, I finally decided to take chances and don’t take the Toporol at all. The reason was simple. I’m sick and tired of the side effect. Even without beta-blocker I started to feel that my memory isn’t that sharp anymore.  Checking few websites, I found that beta-blocker also affected the memory. I’m sicked and tired and I decided to quit!

It has been more than a week since I quit and I haven’t gone to see my doctor until this Wednesday. At the time it was scheduled to check my BP after 3 weeks of taking Mecardis. But now I will go to check if it would be okay to quit the medication completely.

I monitor my BP daily. I have 3 BP monitors at home. At first I thought this monitors offered higher reading than the doctor’s office. But after using them repeatedly, as an experimental physicist and electrical engineer, I started to believe that they are better than the manual reading in doctor’s office. Why? I will write about it later.

So far, my pressure was not bad. Friday afternoon, the medical center at work using an automatic monitor gave a reading of 150/106. This morning, I stop by the pharmacists in Walmart and Target and their readings were slightly below that numbers. My three monitors at home also show the numbers around that range. However, the Free Blood Pressure screening booth inside Walmart gave me 141/96, around 10 points lower than what they have last week. 

I will keep watching my diet, avoiding salt and hopefully my doctor will let me go ahead without using pill to treat my BP. After all my edema is gone, my shoulder pain is getting better and my pressure reading keep going down. I will update more ofter on how am I doing on this fight.

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  • Felicia December 21, 2008, 5:31 am

    Very good post, thanks!

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