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Durian Ice Cream

Few days ago, I mentioned about frozen Durian in my Facebook. However, to most of my colleagues here, Durian is a strange name and many of them have never seen, smelt or tasted it. That’s why when I saw this video on Foxsnews, I could not resist to put it in my blog especially due to the fact that I have not updated this blog since December 2008 and I was looking for something to write. I really don’t know, however, why this video only plays on Firefox and not on IE 6.0. May be it’s time to update my IE to the newest version of IE. If you’re using IE 7 or whatever the newest version is and you still could not see the video, please drop me a note here. Thanks.

FYI, we didn’t have Durian in my old home town when I was there. I started to like Durian when I was in College almost 40 years ago. Certainly at that time I didn’t know the benefits 🙂 Dr. Manny and his guest were discussing on this video, but I still like Durian as it is, particularly the fact that Durian is a Low GI fruit. I shouldn’t give bad example like eating oxtail soup anymore. 🙂

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