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Don't let her get more complications,….

The last time they took baby Gratia to see the doctor, the doctor found she had some inflammation and she coughed a lot. Doctor then warned the parent not to let her caught any more illness and hopefully the surgery on October 30th would be done smoothly, on time, and without any complications. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The early number of donations for baby Gratia’s surgery that came out from Pondok Indah Congregation seems promising too, even thought we have not got a final amount yet. When I talked to Winston half an hour ago, Winston said if there is no complication then adding the preliminary amount that he was told Monday morning when he met with the Church Elder, Mr. Simanjuntak would probably be able to cover all the expenses needed. At that time, they were looking at the amount of Rp 26, 000,000.00 or US$ 2,848. That’s a lot of money for an average Indonesian family, especially for Winston and Desy that are from West Timor, my old hometown in Indonesia. We all are grateful for that.

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