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Does Acupuncture really work?

I was scanning through Dr. Rosenfeld Housecall videos on Foxnews the other day when I came across this old one, dated December 30, 2007 – Can Acupuncture help hot flashes?

While watching this video I remembered the criticism on the story of open heart surgery that Dr. Rosenfeld also mentioned briefly in this video.

I found those sites that carried the criticism to Dr. Rosenfeld original story, accidentally, while searching for Dr. Rosenfeld’s biography the other day, prior to posting his video on Resveratrol and Diabetic in my previous posting. You may find those sites with posting to rebuke Dr. Rosenfeld’s story very easily on the Internet. Please go to search for ‘dr Rosenfeld on Acupuncture’ and you may find a lot of them.


Last Tuesday morning I had a chance to talk to my acupuncture, a Chinese Medicine Doctor Alexander M. Ly, while he was working on my back pain. I asked him, is it possible to have an open heart surgery with acupuncture as the only anaesthesia?

He said, yes, it’s possible! What they really need to do for that purpose is to block the sensation from the nerves around the chest.That’s it!

Some 30 years ago while he was still in Taiwan, he did the open chest surgery on a rabbit. Of course he said, the rabbit could not tell him whether it was in pain or not. However, by placing the acupuncture needles along the meridian that blocked the sensation in the chest, he was able to cut open the rabbit’s chest while the rabbit was fully awake and could turn its head as well as moved the eyeballs around. He then pulled the internal organs out to prove the point, then put them back without doing any thing to those organs. After he stitched the wound back, the rabbit could walk around and ate etc and the rabbit stayed alive after that surgery.

I then chased him with another question. Don’t you think that they were playing a trick to show off to Dr. Rosenfeld the power of acupuncture, for example by using morphin or other substance before the show?

No, Dr. Ly said.

Of course, with my doctor-patient’s association for more than a decade with Dr. Ly, I definitely believed in what Dr. Ly was telling me than what were saying in those articles that were trying to proof that Dr. Rosenfeld was wrong.

You may find a lot of information on the webs, starting from Wikipedia to you named it. However, even though with an engineering background, I still prefer the pragmatic way than the black and white way some main stream doctors are taken to proof that acupuncture is some sort of placebo effect. I love what Dr Rosenfeld was saying at the end of the video. Don’t bother trying to figure out the mechanism. It’s not been figured out.

If it works, who cares! 🙂

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