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BloggingZoom and Speedy Link
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BloggingZoom and Speedy Link

I think I first saw the BloggingZoom link at MixedMarketArts site and one thing that surprised me most was that, I could find so many good postings there in BloggingZoom in a very short time. To mention a few, here are what facinating me this morning as well as the one I’d like to write about in the past few days:

  1. Mani Karthik on Stumble Upon Experience. One sentence only! Please check it out and I’m sure you’d love it.
  2. Blogger Unleashed is full of advices for new bloggers. I can’t believe I could find such amount of info on his few articles alone. Slowly but surely I will change my blog based on what I just learned there this morning. If you want to learn more, please check also his mentoring program. Reading all his postings would keep me stuck in front of my computer all day long. 😆
  3. Another link that I would suggest you to visit is Mart Erkel’s post on Viral Linking. Yes, I also found this great post, thanks to BloggingZoom. I think I have seen this article somewhere long time ago but hey it saves you a trip to google it.
  4. Bad Writing Can Make You Look Good
  5. If English is your second, third or fourth language like me, please check this link. It made me laugh when I started reading, it made me laugh again before I finished the last sentence. No, he wasn’t joking. 😆 The content as well as his writing are really good. That was the reason he has his job. Check it out yourself. Again, isn’t that a great job of BloggingZoom to bring all these good posts at one place?

  6. Last but not least, I also found BallerBlogger site here in BloggingZoom. Please check this out. Let’s networking and let’s growing together.

That’s all I have for today and, I have to get my butt off this chair, otherwise it would take me back to Blogger Unleashed and I would be getting sucked into his plumbing network again 😆 then getting dumped through the other end.

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