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Baby Gratia's surgery is taking place now…..

I have been trying to contact Wilson – the father of baby Gratia since yesterday, however due to preparation for surgery today, I could not get through his cellphone at the hospital. This morning when I called their home, I got Gratia’s Aunt on the line, and chatted with her for a while. Elly is Desy’s younger sister, and she told me that the surgery of Gratia is going to be done at this hour, noon in Jakarta, while I’m typing this entry.

This is the email I just received tonight from Sydney, Australia:

“To Gratia that is going to get the surgery today, we pray that every thing would be fine, and all the procedures will be done accordingly and we would see a great result. May the Lord be with her for now and days to come during her recuperation,… Amen.”

I think, Ismed has said it all for us in Bolelebo group. We hope that if you happen to stop by, please don’t forget to pray for our little baby Gratia, for the successful of the operation, and for her recovery, and we thank you for that prayer.

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