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Additional pictures from baby Gratia's parent

Last night I received two more pictures from Winston. The first picture shows the baptism of baby Gratia on Sept. 16 by Rev. Linda Lay Pandie, the God Parents, and Mom and Dad. The second picture shows the congregation during service at Eklesia Airkom when Gratia was baptized. Ekklesia Airkom was one of three small churches in the area where Gratia’s mom, Rev. Desy Rondo Effendy serves as a pastor.



These are the members of congregation that mostly come from farmer or peasant background. As I mentioned in the last post, according to Winston’s letter, they are currently collecting the live stocks or the produces from their small farm to show their solidarity. The money involved may be so small in comparison to the need to pay the hospital, but all that count is their concerns and their solidarity. Gratia’s family is very grateful for that.

In conjunction to this fund raising effort, this afternoon finally I forced myself to contact a local Presbyterian church, a denomination that according to my Protestant friends back home has a closer tie to the work of Protestant Evangelical Church in Timor, Indonesia, or GMIT, where Winston and Desy belong. I’m not sure if the tie to Presbyterian church in the U.S. has anything to do with the local churches here, but with the deadline getting closer, I just googled the words ‘Presbyterian Church Huntsville Alabama’ then picked the one that was closer to my home. Over the phone I talked to a very sympathetic lady by the name of Pam, I explained what we are doing here on this site and gave her this site address. If nothing else at least I hope their congregation would pray for baby Gratia and her family, and I still need your help, my dear Netizens, by asking you to at least remember baby Gratia in your prayer.

As a final note, thanks to the link at John Chow’s site, and thanks to Talia Drake of Shopzilla.com, tonight Gratia’s account is $39.99 richer than last night. If you know any other possibility to get any incentive like this, please let me know. The 3 or 4 clicks by the visitors today, we have now at total of $78.77.

I still believe in Miracle and I believe someone out there is collecting money for baby Gratia and will deliver to her on time. I have also added the paypal donations button at the right sidebar that I will remove this Sunday evening. Please check Lukas Story and learn how we did it last time. I assure you all the money will be delivered to baby Gratia’s father, Winston Rondo’s account.

Note: If you prefer, you could also send the money directly into Winston’s account as listed in the comment from Elcid Li. FYI, I have copied that info here:

In Indonesia you can donate to the account of:

Mr. Winston Rondo,
Bank Mandiri Cabang Moh. Hatta No. 145-0005186198

For International Transfer, the Swift Code is: BEIIIDJA

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